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Serving Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas with a full line of commercial roof solutions, including coatings & sealants, full replacements and repairs.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings
White roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Buildings with white commercial roof coatings stay more than 50°F cooler, saving both energy and money every year. Learn more about our commercial roof coating systems.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement
We use products with a 35+ year reputation, and back them up with an industry leading warranty. Additionally, we perform annual roof checkups on all work annually for the first 5 years. Learn more about our commercial roof replacements here.

Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair
We offer many repair options to form a seamless, waterproof barrier over an old commercial roof. These don’t require costly tear-off & disposal, and can extend the life of your building’s roof. Learn more about our commercial roof repairs.
a white commercial roof is installed near Kansas City, Missouri

Why Choose Four State Roofing?

  • Price Match Guarantee (We Meet Or Beat Other Quotes)
  • Industry Leading Commercial Roof Warranties
  • Free Annual Check-Ups On Any Roofing Work
  • Fast Turnaround Times On Repairs & Installs
  • Expert Workmanship, Professional Staff

Let us bid your commercial roofing job before you sign with someone else! Our price-match guarantee will save you time and money. Your commercial roof will be professionally installed/replaced faster and for less money than you might expect. And, we offer free annual checkups on all of our work for the first 5 years after installation at no extra cost to you.  See what others have had to say about our work below, or get started on your free estimate now.

Anybody that has doubts whether a white roof coating makes a difference needed to be in our building this summer on those 100 degree days. Usually, the air conditioners struggle and it gets very hot in the shop. With our new white roof, the air conditioners were cycling and customers and employees were commenting on how nice it was inside the building.
I’m in charge of dozens of buildings, and we’re always looking for better ways to protect and seal our galvanized roofing. Five years ago we ran a test. We coated half of a 200,000 sq ft roof with a restoration coating system. The other half got new corrugated sheet metal, sealed with a silicone coating. A year later, the silicone roof had six leaks and the other roof had none.
The roof of our building was deteriorating with rust. Installing the restoration coating system extended the life of the roof. After installation, we now enjoy a dry building. It has been a good investment for us. Four State comes back every year and makes sure that things are still in good shape and holding up. I have told other business owners in my network to call them first.

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