Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings
White roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Buildings with white commercial roof coatings stay more than 50°F cooler, saving both energy and money every year. Learn more about our commercial roof coating systems.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement
We use products with a 35+ year reputation, and back them up with an industry leading warranty. Additionally, we perform annual roof checkups on all work annually for the first 5 years. Learn more about our commercial roof replacements here.

Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair
We offer many repair options to form a seamless, waterproof barrier over an old commercial roof. These don’t require costly tear-off & disposal, and can extend the life of your building’s roof. Learn more about our commercial roof repairs.

Serving Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas with a full line of commercial roof solutions, including coatings & sealants, full replacements and repairs.

Metal Commercial Roofs

Metal does rust, particularly as a roof ages. With a constant exposure to the elements, a commercial/industrial roof will inevitably develop rust spots, which of course lead to leaks. This is something you need to take care of as soon as you are aware of it – a roof leak tends to get worse, not better, as time passes. We offer a full line of metal commercial roof coatings, repairs and replacements. All of our work is backed by an industry leading guarantee, as well as a price match guarantee.

Rubber Commercial Roofs

Single-ply synthetic membrane rubber roofing is ideal for use over low-sloping or flat roofs because it is durable, pliable, and waterproof. Whether made from synthetic rubber polymers or are made from plastic polymers, rubber roofs are designed to go in places where asphalt shingles don’t perform well.

We offer a full line of rubber roof coatings, repairs and replacements. Our customers love our rubber roof coatings. This is not just a “quick patch”. Our rubber roof coating system is a viable, affordable long-term solution to a failing EPDM membrane. In fact, you can continue to apply a new rubber roof coating for years into the future, ensuring the life of your commercial or industrial building. All of our work carries an industry-leading warranty as well.

Flat Commercial Roofs

Flat commercial roofs usually last about 20 years. The traditional hot-tar-and-gravel roof is built from three or more plies of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and ballasted by a layer of smooth river stone.

Flat roofs often have ponding after rains. Over time, this creates areas of weakness that usually result in leaks. We offer a full line of commercial/industrial flat roof solutions, including full replacements and repairs. Our coatings are a great “green solution” to existing roofs. Also, flat roofs tend to be noisier than other roofs (they hold sound just like they hold water). Coatings can soften that and keep noisy HVAC units much quieter.

So consider investing in this process to lower AC costs, extend the life of your roof and dampen noise in your building, all without the expenses of a full commercial re-roof.

Foam Commercial Roofs

This system is resistant to chemicals, fire, mold and also absorbs a great deal of heat.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is a combination of isocyanate and polyol. These two components are fed through a proportioner which heats then pumps the two separate components to the spray gun, where they are mixed and sprayed onto the substrate. Because it is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid, it forms a single continuous structure that is seamless and very stable. SPF requires a clean surface for proper application. It must be dry, free of contaminants like oil, and properly fastened to the substrate in accordance with the proper building codes. A protective elastomeric top coat is required which is typically sprayed on as well, but it is also possible to be applied with hand or power rollers.

An important thing to consider when looking at this type of roofing is reflectivity. A dark surface tends to absorb the heat of the sun, which means it will wear out more quickly. Our single-ply system is white – therefore, the reflectivity level is very high (the value of reflectance is rated at 85%). This has a positive effect on your bottom line, because it will cost you less to cool the inside of your building. Also, check with your local government, as well as your state – in some areas there are financial incentives given in relation to installation of roofing that is white or light-colored in order to aid in energy efficiency.

One of the amazing benefits we love to tell our customers about is that this foam roof system actually becomes stronger as it ages. The primary material, Hypalon, when exposed to any type of moisture in combination with the sun’s ultraviolet light, actually vulcanizes – this means the strength and resiliency improves.

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