Commercial roof coatings are applied on a flat roof in Overland Park, KS

Commercial roof coatings are applied as a liquid right on your current roof, or as rolled sheets of material. Our commercial roof coatings are:

  • Renewable – Every roof coating is easily re-applied and able to be touched-up, extending your roof’s life dramatically with minimal effort.
  • Affordable – Have you priced what a complete tear-off and roof replacement would cost? It involves a lot of materials and man-hours – and it can add up quickly. Our procedure will save you money in a variety of ways.
  • Quickly applied – With limited or no disruption to your business, we get in and out. Our commercial roof coating professionals are trained to do great work, and do it fast.
  • Pond free – One of the problems with flat roofs is that the water tends to accumulate and sit in one spot. When the water ponds like that, over time it will make its way into the roofing material and you will see a leak somewhere inside your building. With our coating applied over the roof, the ponding problem is eliminated.
  • Anti rust – One of the issues with metal roofs is that eventually water will get in and rust begins. If the metal is completely sealed with our coating process, no water can get to the metal itself. The prevention of rust is a huge factor in making your metal roof last as long as possible.
  • Energy efficient – Our white coatings reflect the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays away from the building, keeping the roof (and the inside of your building) naturally cooler.

So whatever problems you might be having with your current roof – whether it’s built-up, modified bitumen, singly-ply, metal or polyurethane foam – we can take care of it for you at a price that is much less than you would expect for a quality flat roof coating. Read more about specific roof types below!

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Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roofs rust. That’s a fact. They’re loud too…and boy are they hot!

The right metal roof coating for your commercial or industrial building solves all of that at once. Not only does it breathe life into your old roof, it saves you from an expensive tear-off and replacement.

Our metal roof coatings are backed by an industry leading warranty, and they come with a price-match guarantee. If you need help with your loud, hot, leaky and dated metal roof, please use the form below to get started…

Rubber Roof Coatings

A rubber roof coating is a great way to add a layer of protection to your rubber (EPDM) roof. But that’s not the only advantage; it increases the energy efficiency, and can greatly increase the usable life span of your roof.

Instead of a full replacement, we can coat your EPDM roof with our 3-step system from Conklin, using a surface cleaner, a primer coat and a top coat. Our customers love this procedure because it is so simple, and has such great advantages. This is not just a “quick patch”. Our rubber roof coating system is a viable, affordable long-term solution to a failing EPDM membrane. In fact, you can continue to apply a new rubber roof coating for years into the future. All of our work is backed by an industry-leading warranty and a price-match guarantee.

Flat Roof Coatings

Flat commercial roof coatings could very likely be the solution to the problems you are experiencing with your building. Why continue to put up with the hassle of dealing with leaks and other roof-related problems, when it’s so quick and easy to take care of it with a coating system designed specifically for flat commercial or industrial roofs?

Flat roofs often have ponding after rains. This solution eliminates that problem. Also, flat roofs tend to be noisier than other roofs (they hold sound just like they hold water). Coatings can soften that and keep noisy HVAC units much quieter.

So consider investing in this process to lower AC costs, extend the life of your roof and dampen noise in your building, all without the expenses of a full commercial re-roof.

To learn more about our coating solutions for flat industrial and commercial buildings, just use the short form below…

Foam Roof Coatings

Spray Polyurethane Foam has been used as a roofing and insulation material for over 45 years. Our foam roof coatings are seamless, flexible, lightweight and sustainable.

Foam roofing has many advantages over traditional roofing methods, and as you read through this web site you will learn a lot more about them. Here are some brief examples.

Our foam roof systems for commercial and industrial buildings offer an industry-leading-warranty and a price-match guarantee.  Use the form below to learn about our foam roof coatings and systems, and what they can do for your building.

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