Our commercial & industrial roof replacements are:

  • Affordable – we offer a price-match guarantee and will meet or beat quotes from any other certified roofing company for full roof replacements.
  • Durable – we specialize in roofing solutions that last. Our work stands up to the Midwest’s scorching summers and freezing winters. We’ll help extend the life of your building for decades.
  • Quickly applied – our professional roofers are trained to do great work, and do it fast. We get in and out with minimal disruption to your business during the replacement process.
  • Custom – we tailor our solutions to your specific roof type. We’re familiar with all types of commercial and industrial roofs.
    • Pond free –  Our commercial and industrial roof replacements keep your roof building looking good and lasting long.
    • Energy efficient – any of our new roofs are built to green standards and offer tremendous energy efficiency.
    • Fully warrantied – we offer an industry leading warranty on all of our new roofs and will inspect your property annually after our work is complete for the first 5 years.

    So whatever problems you might be having with your current roof – whether it’s built-up, modified bitumen, singly-ply, metal or polyurethane foam – we can take care of it for you at a price that is much less than you would expect for a quality commercial / industrial roof repair. Read more about specific roof types below.

Serving Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas with a full line of commercial roof solutions, including coatings & sealants, full replacements and repairs.

Metal Roof Replacements

Many building owners prefer to replace their metal roof with a different component. Others prefer a coating system for their metal roof.

Whatever you choose, we have a full line of products to meet your needs. Use the short form below to learn more…

Rubber Roof Replacements

Replacing a rubber roof usually results in installing the same type of roof. There are options to use a foam coating to repair affected areas, but in most cases the new roof you get will look and feel similar to your old one.

Whatever your choice, our work is fully warrantied with a price-match guarantee. Use the short form below to learn more…

Flat Roof Replacements

Flat roof replacements for a commercial or industrial building have a wide variety of options. Many opt for a built-up or foam roof.  Others prefer a coating system for their existing roof if ponding isn’t too severe.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish, we have a full line of solutions for your flat roof. Use the short form below to learn more…

Foam Roof Replacements

Foam roof replacements are popular due to their light weight and durability. However, many buildings that currently have a foam roof opt for some form of coating over the existing roof.

We have a full line of solutions for any commercial or industrial roof. Use the short form below to learn more…

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